BIG NEWS here at that I just had to share. I am standing on the top of the world today and here’s why:

I auditioned alongside 4,000-6,000 people awhile ago for a TV show called Dragons Den on CBC. (It’s very similar to Shark Tank in the USA). You can learn more about Dragon’s Den here.

AND, this week I got “THE PHONE CALL” I was waiting for! A producer from the show called me to say they would be filming me for a spot in their Fall series.

As I’ve already mentioned I’m standing on top of the world today, and being that I’m in such a great mood, I want all of you to feel that way too!

I’m sure you already know I’m putting on the VAvirtuosos Seminar Series 3 (VAVS3) next week from April 11-15th. And if you don’t, please check out my website to learn more about it.

I’ve decided that anyone who buys a package for VAVS3 above will also receive a bonus gift as follows:

  • Silver: Receive 1 month VAinsiders Club Booster membership
  • Gold: Receive 6 month VAinsiders Club Booster membership
  • Diamond: Receive 1 year VAinsiders Club Booster membership

You can read about our VAinsider Club Booster membership by clicking here

Anyone who already bought a VAvirtuoso package, no worries, we’ll get you upgraded as a VAinsider Club member as well!  (Just send us your full name, forum username together with the email you bought your package with to and we’ll upgrade you).

I AM SO STOKED for next week! The VAvirtuosos Seminars should not be missed by any Virtual Assistant.  Not only will you learn tons to help you with your VA business but you’ll also meet new business colleagues who will become partners and/or dear friends to you in your future to come.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Let’s all start believing in ourselves! REGISTER TODAY- Less than $2/webinar!

Have a great weekend!

Tawnya Sutherland

Please note: No cash value or substitute for the VAinsiders Club Booster if you already have it. You are definitely a smart cookie to already be a part of our VAinsiders Club and I commend you for this.

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