Truth be told the majority of us are in business to make money.

Let’s face it, we all have desires, hopes and dreams which cost money! Right?


In order to fulfill these wants sooner than later we need to find quick ways to make MORE money in our business.

What are the top 3 WANTS you’d like to check off your bucket list? Here are some of mine, I want to travel to more tropical beaches (yes that’s me in Boracay, Philippines), I’d like to buy an ocean front 3 bedroom condo and I’d like to get married again so I have a traveling partner in crime. The last one will probably be the most expensive, men always are aren’t they? But that is another story so let me get back on topic here LOL!

The quickest way to make more money in your business is to increase your value in the eyes of your clients so you can charge more for your services.

But in order to do that you need to show your clients that you are worth that extra money!

One way I show my clients that I am a valuable asset to have around is by learning how to provide them services that will actually make them a return on their investment quickly and consistently.

Sure my clients love that I maintain and update their blog weekly or proofread their most recent kindle ebook but when I can ACTUALLY SHOW THEM OVERNIGHT a $$$ return (You’ve made a sale!)…well, let’s just say THEY FALL IN LOVE WITH ME all over again!!! 😉

5dollarpostsThat’s why I want to tell you about this Facebook Ads course that I recently finished taking that totally rocked my socks off! Not to mention my clients are now paying me top dollar to provide this service for them.

The Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training Program, an “In the Trenches” Facebook Advertising Course. You’re simply not going to find any other course on Facebook advertising like this one.

Even If You’ve Never Tried Facebook Ads Before, This Breakthrough 

Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Training Program

Will Get You Up to Speed!

Facebook Ads is a awesome tool to use when marketing your client’s business, products and/or services. It can also be overwhelming trying to figure it all on your own and you can end up blowing a bunch of your client’s money during your learning curve. Trust me been there and done that much to dismay of my unhappy client.

But, after taking this course you’ll easily be able to help your client:
  • Build Their Email List – Using Facebook Ads to build an email list is very effective because they make it easy with the ability to add tabs and a call to action to get people to sign up for your list. Plus you can put up a nice banner that points people to the call to action which could be a enticing freebie they get to sign up to your list.
  • Get More Page Likes – Using Facebook Ads to get more likes for your business pages or to promote your communities is a great way to increase engagement. Make the ad truly relevant to your audience and you’ll get a better response.
  • Target Interest Groups – Facebook Ads makes it easy to target people based on many demographics, including interest. This is wonderful way to target specific groups that will be interested in what you’re offering. This course will also show you how to upload your own email or phone database to create a custom audience to target.
  • Sell Your Product Directly – Using Facebook to sell your products and or services directly is a great way to use Facebook Ads; however, you want to ensure that they still sign up for your list. More about this inside the course.

The important thing with Facebook Ads is to have a sales funnel before you start so that you know that you’re being effective with the actions that you take. Without a sales funnel and ultimate goal you have no idea whether what you’re doing is successful. Ron Douglas, author of this program, goes into depth in this course on how to create your sales funnel. Pop over to this link to see Ron’s sales funnel diagram PLUS he has a Simple Facebook Game Plan For FREE you can read about:

CLICK HERE & READ this Simple Facebook Game Plan For FREE

NOW, for a small investment of just $37 you’ll get the Five Dollar Posts Quick Start Program.  This includes the recorded video tutorials detailing the complete FiveDollarPosts system.

BUT WAIT! I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Douglas in San Diego and he is kindly offering this course to my network for $20 OFF. Yes you heard me right you’ll get this course for only $17 (Offer expires Monday, Nov. 2, 2015 at midnight).

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Ron is also throwing in the bonus PDF transcripts for those of you who are not video watchers and like to print notes out and learn that way. The transcripts are not offered on the website but will be available in your download area when you buy.

You’ll receive 5 weeks of modules including 20 videos plus the PDF Transcripts (250+ pages) for only $17 if you use upon ordering the coupon code: ts20off


That’s $20 OFF plus Bonus of PDF Transcripts BUT this offer expires Monday, November 2nd at midnight.

If you ever want to add a easy service to your Virtual Assistant business that your clients will order from you over and over again, this is the one for you. And at only $17 until Monday, it’s an awesome deal to learn this Facebook Advertising service not just for your clients but for your business success as well.

Oh and did I mention the 100% No questions asked, 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE??? $17 is cheap enough as it is but with this guarantee you have no reason to test this product out to make sure it delivers everything it promises.


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