wpsecurityfreebieWell we have finally moved our WordPress site over to a new theme for 2016 and we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments area below as we add the finishing touches to it.

A BIG THANKS to Mark Hunter who moved us into our new theme as it was a really complicated process being we were originally a multi-site platform. Mark has a FREE WordPress Niche Site Blueprint that you can access here and again thanks Mark!

This project definitely spurred me forward to do more research about WordPress Security and during my research I ran across these 2 FREEBIES that I thought I’d share with you. They are awesome and know you will love them!

1. A WordPress Security Maintenance Training Manual

This is an awesome ebook if you were ever considering offering this as a service to your clients. With 75 million sites currently running WordPress, it’s a good service to offer nowadays, especially if you’re in the technical side, to increase recurring income. So many small to mid-level businesses don’t have a dedicated web staff, but they still need to have their sites looked after.

Everyone running WordPress needs to have the security and maintenance done. Whether they do it themselves or outsource, it’s a must. This is good news for you. You can start by offering your service packages to current and former clients then branch out into marketing to new clients.

This ebook will cover some of the things you’ll want to include in your packages you offer to your clients.

2. WordPress Security & Maintenance VA Checklist

This quick checklist is meant to be used as a guide for starting WordPress Security and Maintenance services with a client.

Download them both by clicking here

Tawnya Sutherland
Founder VAnetworking.com


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