There are so many benefits to working with a Virtual Assistant. One of those is that in most cases you get a lot more brains than one!

No, Virtual Assistants aren’t two-headed creatures, but most are very well connected through the VA networking forums they frequent.

Let me explain.

If you wanted to hire one employee who could maintain your website, manage your bookkeeping, design brochures, draft up sales letters and maintain your filing how much do you suppose you would pay that person if he or she did indeed exist?

When you work with a VA, we’re not all able to do everything…actually nobody can do everything, but we have lots of contacts.

If you hired a VA to handle your bookkeeping on top of your regular administrative tasks, while that VA might not be able to maintain your website (they may) I’ll bet you they will have someone in their back pocket to refer you to. Another way this can work is if you find one Multi-VA team to take care of your needs. A VA team is made up of lots of Virtual Assistants with different areas of expertise. You would work with the one who can best help you for each project, or you deal with the head VA who will be your main contact for everything so you deal with one person but get access to countless specialties.

Some people prefer the very special treatment they get when working with a solo VA who can refer others as need arises, where others like to work with a team who has lots of different skills to choose from while keeping it all on one bill.

So, if you’ve been considering a VA but can’t find one who does everything I suggest you stop looking 😉 Whoever you choose will be able to help find coverage in almost all other administrative areas.

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