As a Virtual Assistant/Professional have you noticed an increase in demand for your services from local business owners? If yes, then make sure your client’s website sits prominently in the Google listings. For local business owners, it’s all about getting found in the community.


Google Places


A Google Places account allows a business to:

  • Have that prominent Google map show up beside the web address in the Google listings
  • Add up to 10 photos in the listing to showcase the outside of the building or the goods and services sold within the establishment
  • Create coupons for promotions
  • Solicit reviews/testimonials which give further clout to the benefits of dealing with that business


Google Maps


So how do you set up a Google Places account for your client, follow the steps and your done!

  1. Google Account: Set up a Google account for your client(which is free) by going to You will need a Gmail account and username to create the Google Places.
  2. Activate the Account: Click and click on Google Places.
  3. Complete Information: You will then be asked to fill in a number of areas regarding your client’s business info….make this as detailed as possible.
  • Basic Address Info including website and a description of the products or services they offer
      • Service Areas and location settings
      • Hours of Operation
      • Payment Options
      • Photos: add up to 10 photos of the storefront or products
      • Videos: you can upload up to 5 videos to Youtube and have it listed as part of your listing

Google needs to verify the information so warn your client that they will be receiving a phone call from an automated system at Google with a verification code….this is very important as you need the code to finalize the Google Places account.

Next Steps:

  1. Ask current or past customers to post a (positive) review on the site…the more the better 

    Add Reviews for Google Places


  2. Add or change up the photos as necessary to reflect the current look of the storefront or products
  3. Use the insights/analytics feature on a monthly basis to gain information about the number of people visiting the Google Places account


Monitor the Google Places Stats


If you can set up a Google Places results for your clients and demonstrate the importance of this tool, they will be eternally grateful!… just another way partnering with a VA is a wise decision.

For more information on other local business listings, please review Diane Coville’s post titled Social Media Marketing You can Go Local Now at

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