If NOT, grab the book “What the Plus!” by Guy Kawasaki and start reading it today!

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This book will change your mindset about marketing your business on Facebook or Twitter this year, TRUST ME 😉

I bought the physical book from Amazon as I like to have my books in hand when I read but he ebook is really handy to have on your computer because it has all the links built right into it to just click on, explore and learn.

Personally, I’ve been using Google+ quite a bit lately for my social marketing. So far I am finding that Google+ has umpteen more benefits for business marketing than Facebook which up until now was the main social network I’d been focusing on to market my Virtual Assistant business.

Off the top of my head here’s just a few of the benefits of using Google+:

  • Did you know your Facebook page posts only get seen by a few of your friends and not all of them whereas in Google+ all your circled friends see your posts? Just look at your Facebook insights to see proof of that.
  • Did you know that you can circle/follow anyone you want to follow activities of someone you are interested in? On Facebook you have to be accepted as a friend first.
  • Did you know that when you post a bunch of pics in a row that Facebook will group them together as only one post whereas Google+ does them each separately? Sometimes I may post a bunch of pictures but don’t want them all grouped together as they may be on different topics and it ticks me off when Facebook groups them all as one topic.
  • Did you know that with Google+ you can post up to 100,000 characters versus Facebook that only allows 65,000? It’s nice to be able to express my long winded opinion at times.
  • Did you know that Google+ allows you to be able to edit your posts forever and ever AMEN? Facebook sometimes only gives you seconds to edit your post if you do a spelling error or want to revise your post.
  • Did you know that Facebook is focused more on what’s going on with people like your friends and family who never seem to buy anything from you anyhow? Twitter on the other hand is focused on witnessing news and events going on at the moment and typically doesn’t include people that are wanting to buy something at the moment either. Google+ however allows you to zone in on your target market and pursue your passions and interests with like minded people in your circles that you may or may not know. Circles of people that you strategically put together to promote your interests to!

In my opinion, Google+ is much more advanced with their features and far outboasts Facebook as a social network for business. Google+ has more sophisticated and powerful features and it is just a matter of time before people realize this and move towards it.

I personally think the reason Google+ is just not that popular yet is because they missed the ship by getting into the social media realm too late. Facebook and Twitter have had a 5 year jump on them getting you used to using them as your preferred social network. (Albeit with many frustrating learning curves to their system that we’ve had to relearn time and time again).

If Facebook, Twitter and Google+ had just all premiered as a new social network yesterday guess what??? EVERYONE in business would have chosen Google+ as their preferred social network to use because of its advanced marketing features.

AND It’s just a matter of time before they do start using Google+

Google+ is here to stay so you may as well jump on the boat and enjoy the smooth sailing! Face it Google has the best tech people working for them, they OWN the search world. Heck, Google even places +1s up higher in search engine results pages which means if you aren’t using Google+ and getting some ‘lovin+plusins’ you may not even get found in the Google search results pages someday.

Personally I’m sticking with Google+ and I am going to learn as much as I can about putting it into my marketing plan as the forerunner social network for my business.

Virtual Assistants need to learn all about marketing with Google+ today!

Google has the money (and the best talent working for them) to make Google+ better too not to mention they basically own the WWW! Proof of this is their successful search engine, Chrome, Samsung phones and tablets (which now even come with Google plus preinstalled). Go Google!

If you choose one thing to do this year set up your Google+ account today. If you are already using Gmail you are halfway there 😉

I also recommend checking out all these bonus resources surrounding Google+

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Oh and add me to your circles on Google+ too!

If you are a Virtual Assistant join our VAinsiders Club for more training on Google+ plus other monthly marketing workshops.

Are you going to be using Google+ in your social marketing plan this year? If so how? If not why not?



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