There’s a difference between being “busy” and being “hurried” when you’re an entrepreneur. I know entrepreneurs who are never hurried though are always busy with a focus on projects to advance their business and aid their clients in achieving their respective goals.

What’s the secret to avoiding the “hurriedness” of being “busy?” Self Care. These entrepreneurs recognize the importance of nurturing themselves before nurturing their business or having contact with a client.

Most of us have been taught to manage our public world but our inner world is often cheated and ignored until burnout, breakdown, blow-up or giving up. When we run on empty (like working both day and late into the night or wee hours) finally we just don’t go anymore. Think of it like this, if the gas gauge is on empty eventually the engine will stop! If we don’t nurture ourselves eventually we don’t go either. There’s always balance between self care and self sacrifice. We may need to work late to finish up but be sure to take some extra time away from the business the next day or sleep in late.

Self care is monitored by our personality and will address the core values of our lives. It won’t look identical for every entrepreneur. While some may prefer exercising or jogging others may read, take a bubble bath, go shopping, enjoy a hobby, talk with a close friend or have a time of meditation to name just a few possibilities of self care in action. You will know what uniquely revives and energizes you.

The important thing to remember is to make that time for YOU so that you can give from a full tank. Did you know that YOU are the most valuable asset in your business? Self care is the insurance to protect your assets. Make the investment. You are definitely worth it! I’d love to hear some of the ways you recharge when the energy level is getting low.

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