I love how easily I can stay on top of my business using just my iPhone!

iphoneDo you have an iPhone yet?

If you’re like many owners, you most likely access your iPhone for a variety of personal and even some business uses. You probably use the GPS to find your way to appointments. I know I’d be lost downtown Vancouver if it wasn’t for my Maps App! Maybe you use a financial application like Mint to stick to your budget. You might even use a note-taking application  to track ideas. However, chances are your iPhone is underutilized.

Here are some innovative and fun ways to use your iPhone to help grow your business.

#1 PayPal

PayPal offers an iPhone application that lets you not only receive instant notification that you’ve received a payment, you can also request payments. Speedier cash flow helps you make faster business decisions. A client pays and you can immediately get to work communicating with them and providing your product or service. Better customer service grows business.

#2 Financial Planning and Organization

Applications like Roambi Analytics can help you stay on track of traffic and sales and provide real time information. It integrates with Salesforce, Google Docs, Excel and so much more. Numbers and MicroStrategy are two other applications that help business owners stay on top of their business information.

#3 Project Management

There are a myriad of project management applications that can help you keep all of your communications and files in one secure location. OmniFocus, Teambox, and Podio are just three of the dozens of top-rated project management tools. The applications aren’t free; OmniFocus costs $19.99. However, unlike most online project management services you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use them.

#4 Business Meetings

Fusebox, FaceTime, Skype, Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx Meetings are all applications that you can use to hold business meetings on the go. You can chat in your car, on the beach, or from the top of a mountain – as long as there is a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, you’re able to hold a face-to-face meeting with clients and prospects.

#5 Content

You can use your iPhone to create podcasts, videos, and even written content. With a few adjustments to your WordPress settings you can even blog from your iPhone. And if you don’t blog, you can use applications like iWriter and PlainText to create documents. Use Dropbox, a cloud computing and file sharing application, to send the documents to your other devices and computers.

If you’d rather dictate, check out Dragon NaturallySpeaking and create your content with your voice. You can email the recorded and transcribed documents to yourself and use them when you’re ready. FrameArtists lets you make infographics to share on social media sites.

Finally, let’s not forget about the power of research and organization. Applications like OneNote and Evernote help you organize your research and take notes on your abundant business ideas. Your iPhone is a veritable business bonanza. It can help you stay abreast of new information, keep tabs on your company, pay bills, send invoices, create content and stay organized – all this fun in the palm of your hand.

To find any of the apps I’ve talked about, just visit the App Store.

I’m sure the Androids and other new cell phones coming out are cool too. I can only speak about iPhones because I own one. 😉

Share with us what you own and how you use it to grow your business.



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