There is a lot of information out there for setting up a small business:  exploring your business idea, deciding who your ideal client is and your target market, researching the viability of your idea by doing market research, writing up a business plan, forecasting your financials, your marketing strategy, predicting your growth, etc.

Once your business is up and running, at some point you will experience the realization that you must take the step to move to the next level – you have existing clients, new clients, referrals and what worked when you started up will not accommodate the growth you are experiencing now.

Whether you have reached that point now or not, it is only sound business sense to make a plan on what you need to put in place to make a seamless transition to the growth of your business.

Remember, that Business Plan you created?  That is the perfect starting point – to revisit your Plan and document what procedures you need to change (e.g. your organizational steps to accept a significant number of new clients), what expenditures you need to meet (e.g. additional staff, equipment, training), what new products or services you can offer to meet your clients needs (eg. a bakery that wants to add preserves and jams to increase revenue).

This can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when you are already overloaded with working “on” and “in” your business but it is crucial to your success and growth.

Your Business Plan is like a bible or journal that needs to be constantly revisited to adjust and change to meet the needs of your growing business.

Where can you go for help? Once you have a plan of action in mind and an idea of what you need to make changes, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you. They can partner with you to assist in meeting your goals, organizing and streamlining the process and help with the implementation.

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