Many businesses have chosen to plan an “Event” as the next step in their marketing strategy.

This works very well for Coaches, Speakers, Sales Trainers, Authors, Internet Marketers, Virtual Assistants and many other types of service-based businesses as well as businesses that are launching a new product.

In the recent past, marketing an Event started out with a mailout, an email blast, a local ad in a newspaper or magazine or telemarketing calls. The event was usually held in a Conference Centre, a Banquet Hall or similar.

But in these days of tightened budgets, expensive and time-consuming travel and busy schedules, many professionals just can’t attend. And presenters are finding the cost of advertising the event, booking a room and refreshments and providing training materials and handouts are not worth the Return on Investment which can net from 0% to approximately 5% of attendees.

A practical and much more effective choice is now a “virtual event”. This could be in the form of a phone or web-based conference call, a Podcast, an on-line seminar or a webinar.   Virtual Assistants are very familiar with this format, as they are interacting and learning through many on-line events and even taking courses to constantly upgrade their skills, all by way of the internet.

Many presenters have expressed concerns that a “virtual event” takes all personal interaction out of the experience, but those who have held the events are generally hearing that the attendees are very satisfied with the format and the content of the events and interaction does happen with the availability of the attendee to respond through the audio connection by phone, mic or speakers on-line or in “chat” windows.

How can this be set-up?

There are multiple choices of service providers that offer bridge lines for conference calls, podcast sites, seminar sites and webinars. Some are “paid” services and some of them are free.   You can choose to hold a “free” event or “paid”. You can direct them to an on-line registration process, that usually includes an autoresponder to confirm to the registrant and you can provide electronic handouts, literature, workbooks or course materials, all emailed to their Inbox after the registration.

How do you promote your Event?

With the advent of Social Media, whether you are going International, National or Local, you can direct your announcement to where your “target market” hangs out on the internet. As well, you can issue a Press Release on-line and direct them to sign up for the Event on your website.

Did you know that a Virtual Assistant can help you set up your first Event? As well, there are many Virtual Assistants that offer specialized Virtual Event services.

Make your first Event a huge success with the help of your VA.

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