Using greeting cards as a form of communication in my Virtual Assistant business makes me not only stand out from the rest but leaves a memorable token of my appreciation for my business colleagues which they seem to appreciate.  And I know this because they tell me so!

I use an online greeting card system that is super simple to use from your computer, iPhone or iPad plus it’s NOW affordable!  I just login online, pick a card (or better yet, personalize a card with the recipients own photo or logo), write a special message inside in my own handwriting font, sign with my signature and click send with my mouse.

The automated system then stuffs, seals and stamps (with a real postage stamp) my high quality card to go out in the mail that day.

All for just $0.62 per card! (plus postage)

For just $31/mth (cancel online at any time) YOU too can enjoy this greeting card system. $31 will get you 50 2-panel cards (plus postage) today to send out to your business colleagues to show your appreciation for them.

Watch the video about it and send a card on my dollar to whoever you want here:

(FR-EE offer to send a card paid by me expires Oct. 7th, 2012)

There are many ways in your business to use greeting cards to SHOW YOU CARE!

  • S ending staff holiday cards and gifts
  • H elping motivate and encourage a business associate
  • O ngoing correspondence with clients
  • W inning and wooing potential business partners
  • Y ielding new prospects and leads
  • O rganizing my contacts and database
  • U niting with joint venture partners
  • C ongratulating a business colleague for a milestone in business
  • A ccepting a new business member onto the team
  • R emembering special events
  • E stablishing new leads and referrals

Show YOUR Business You Care About it Too!

And at under $1 a greeting card to show you care, you can’t beat the price! I can’t even buy a greeting card at the dollar store this cheap not to mention I’d have to take time to go there and pick one out.  With this greeting card generating system, everything is at my fingertips online and so very simple:

  1. Choose a card
  2. Write your message

For business followup, referrals, staying in touch, sales and holidays, these greeting cards are fabulous and I love sending them. The system can even add a gift if I need one for a special occasion. They have every gift imaginable from gift cards to books, jewelry, clothing, gift baskets, office accessories to gourmet foods!

My clients love receiving personalized custom greetings cards in their mail box.

And at under $1 each (plus postage) for these gorgeous glossy cards, it’s a real steal to simply show you care!

Check it out and send a card on me to your client to SHOW YOU CARE at:

(FR-EE offer to send a card paid by me expires Oct. 7th, 2012)

To Your Virtual $uccess,

PS: Want to learn about becoming a distributor for this greeting card business? Visit my website here:




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