It should be a given that hiring a Virtual Assistant will make you and your business more productive, right? But what about being more accountable for the tasks necessary to achieve your long range business goals? An incredible spin off benefit of hiring a VA is that you suddenly have someone who is “checking in” regularly to see if you’ve crossed any of those pesky to-dos off your list. Because let’s face it, a Virtual Assistant can do a lot but she can’t do everything for you!

When I hired my current Virtual Assistant back in July, (hi Ruth!), I told her upfront that she had carte blanche to boss me around whenever she felt it was necessary. Sound strange? Let me clarify.

Like any entrepreneur, I spend a lot of my time in what I call inspiration overwhelm. That is, I have more ideas than time. To bring my ideas to action in a somewhat premeditated fashion, I need more than someone to tackle my to-do lists. I need someone to actually wrangle my ideas into something more orderly than random emails to colleagues or scribbles in 10 different notebooks.

Now, when one of my projects or to-dos starts to linger a little too long on the back burner, I get a nudge from my VA (I love saying “my VA!”). Maybe she’s not exactly bossing me around, but knowing there is someone else on my team (I love saying “my team!”) who is waiting for me to do my part before she can either cross something off the list or move it to the next step, has a way of getting me off my proverbial butt. Suddenly I’m not just letting myself down by putting something off (because I’m being obnoxiously picky about perfecting it first which is another article entirely). Now I’m letting down a team member who is waiting for me to do my part so she can do hers.

Not to mention the powerful effect “otherness” has on the lone entrepreneur, the man or woman used to flying solo ALL of the time. When there is someone else watching you, observing you, waiting for your next move, you become self aware in a way that’s just not possible all by your lonesome.

So, if you’re putting off finding a Virtual Assistant because you don’t want someone else to answer to, scrap that notion. It’s misguided. It’s counterproductive. It’s really a bit high minded. You’re special but you’re not that special. Adding a new team member to your business might be just what the doctor ordered to cure symptoms you didn’t even know you had.

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