Online Translation EditorIf you have a second language in addition to English, you can make a very lucrative living by adding translation services to your repertoire.

Specializing in translation within your Virtual Assistant business will make you stand out from your competitors and help you be an invaluable asset to any client offering informational products and documents online.

Clients are always looking for new ways to make MORE money online! One of the easiest ways to do this is to repackage their current products into other languages. Instead of making new products (which take more time, effort and money) they can instead repackage their best-selling informational products into other languages. If they already make big bucks on these informational products selling them in an English version why not translate them into a new language, open up their market and help them make even more money?

Not only is it easy money in the bank for your clients BUT it’s also easy money for you too if you utilize this FREE Pilot Program that I’ll tell you about in a moment so hang tight! 😉

Did you know that according to Wikipedia the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the United States with over 45 million speaking Spanish in this country alone? Spanish, the official language of twenty-one countries, is the third most widely spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin and makes up more than 500 million people speaking Spanish worldwide!

The door to this market is just waiting for your client to open it and start selling their wares to it. The Spanish-speaking market for example makes up one of the fastest growing markets to sell products and services online today and clients are missing out on a profitable market if they are not promoting to it.

How Can I Use Translation Services to Easily Help My Client Make More Money?

Here’s just a couple of examples of how you can be creative using translation services to help your client make more money online…

1. As internet marketing continues to grow and expand, businesses all around the world are needing to have entire websites translated into English and other languages. Imagine the profitability if you get a handful of large websites to translate. Some websites have more than 100,000 pages. It’s a big project with a potential for significant profits. Spanish, Chinese, and other European languages are in high demand.

2. Ebooks are one of today’s biggest markets for sales online, just ask Dot Com mogul Amazon. The Kindle would never have been invented if it wasn’t going to make millions in sales selling ebooks to customers who love to read. The eBook market is booming nowadays because people love the instant gratification of downloading and reading the latest best seller, on the go, from the convenience of their tablet or cell phone. So, if your client writes and sells eBooks in English, imagine the money they could make if they opened up their market and sold their eBooks in other languages?

Ebooks and Websites are not the only thing you can translate for your client either to help them make more money with products they already have developed. You can translate all their documents like their training products, video transcripts, lectures, books, workshops, blog posts, etc.

How Do I Get Started Offering Translation Services?

If you want to know the trade secret of translators worldwide to help you increase your translation work-rate by up to 30% than look no further than the SDL Online Translation Editor. Without this secret weapon translating a document can be slow and time consuming even for the best translator.

The SDL Online Translation EditorOnline Translation Editor is a light-weight tool for translating documents online and a MUST HAVE tool for any Virtual Assistant offering translation services.

This Editor allows Virtual Assistants to translate (supports 47 different languages) and review documents through any supported web browser, without installing any additional software.

Here are just a few of this translation tool’s benefits:

  • Simple, light-weight tool that allows users to quickly translate and review documents online.
  • Instantly accessible and available wherever you are.
  • Translate documents faster (make more money for your time).
  • Access to Instant, intelligent machine translations to help you complete translations faster
  • Online getting started videos and support help for Virtual Assistants.

AND for a limited time only the SDL Team has invited our #VAforum network to join the exclusive SDL Online Translation Editor pilot program (FREE)

During this pilot phase, you will have the unique opportunity to try it out first (for free) and influence further development with your feedback. All you need to participate in the program is a computer with a supported web browser and an internet connection.

Join this FREE Pilot Program and you will:

  • Be among the FIRST to try the SDL Online Translation Editor before its official release
  • Receive instant free access to SDL Language Cloud Machine Translation
  • Have the opportunity to improve the Editor with your opinions, ideas and suggestions

Join the SDL Online Translation Editor Pilot Program here

What Other Tips Do You Have For Translators?

  • Communicate effectively with your client. Your job is to translate language; this means people will expect you to have good communication skills. Demonstrate your skills by sending clear and understandable email messages, having a website which is easy to read and understand, and by simply being easy to work with and talk to.
  • If you can offer insight, act as a consultant, you will offer more value to your clients than someone who merely translates. If you have a specialty in Chinese for example, and are translating an English written website for an American company, and if you can provide insight into the culture for the company you’re translating for, you can help them position their website and their business effectively in the global market place.
  • Once you’re up and running, don’t forget to market your services. Word of mouth may be your most powerful marketing strategy; however, advertising, article marketing and search engine optimization will all help you fill your schedule with translation projects.

What are you waiting for?

Join SDL Online Translation Editor’s Pilot Program TODAY and start using this simple to use editing tool to make your translation service work easier!

Online Translation Editor

REMEMBER, there’s a wealth of clients just waiting for your expertise as a translator.

If you have good knowledge of an in demand language, you can make an awesome living offering translation services as a Virtual Assistant

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