Contributed by Ruth Martin

Why is it that we get so wrapped up with making resolutions at New Years? I don’t know how many times I heard people, in December, say, “In the New Year, I’m not going to ….” or “Next year is the year I am going to make some changes”. Statistics have shown that most people don’t even make it through January before their New Year’s Resolution is broken. However, when your New Year’s Resolution is for your business, you can take a chance on failure.

So what is it that makes it not work? The answer is quite simple … most don’t have the success ingredients needed for to turn their resolution into a reality. You see, having a resolution is very much like setting a goal for yourself. In order for your resolution to work, just like goal setting, it requires the following success ingredients:

  1. It should be positive – don’t say “This year, I will get more clients”, say “This year, my business attracts several clients that fit my ideal profile”
  2. It should have a time line – set yourself a date when you will accomplish your resolution. It is so much easier to accomplish this if you have a deadline. Don’t say “this year I want to write a book”, set a date to launch your book and say, “On September 1st I will launch my book”.
  3. Keep it realistic – is creating a 6 figure income attainable? For some businesses, this is easily attainable, but for others it would take a lot of effort. Ask yourself if your resolution is realistic given all the current circumstances surrounding you.
  4. Write it down – by writing it down, you are less likely to forget what your resolution is and more likely to find success.
  5. Have a plan – without a plan it is much like trying to make a loaf of bread without a recipe. Yes we know some of what needs to be done, but isn’t it much easier to bake a perfect loaf of bread when you know the ingredients needed and how to turn it from those ingredients into an actual edible loaf of bread.

When you use these ingredients in setting your resolutions, you will see that it can happen. You will be on your way to creating a growing and thriving business for yourself.

Now is the time to take charge of your own destiny, for those that have set a New Year’s Resolution, make sure you use the ingredients above and you will be on your way. For those that haven’t set a New Year’s Resolution for your business remember you don’t have to wait for a special day to make your business resolutions. Seize the day and make your changes today … no time is better than the present.

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