Sometimes a small business budget won’t allow you to hire a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist like myself to get your website ranking high in the search engines.   But don’t worry! A Virtual Assistant niched in Internet Marketing can help you to increase the ranks of your website in the Google search engine results pages on a smaller scale. And something is always better than nothing at all.   In short, the higher you rank in Google, the more people will see you which means the more they will buy your products!

Here are a few very basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies you can have your Internet Marketing VA do for your website:

1. First, if you have a small budget available, I highly recommend you invest in your business and send your VA to a training center to learn the basics of helping you with your search engine marketing plan.   I highly recommend VAclassroom’s Internet Marketing Program. The initial investment of $197 for this program will pay you back tenfold in your business so send your Virtual Assistant to it!

2.  Ok, next you will want to have your VA research keyword phrases that your users are typing into Google to find you.   Proper keyword selection crucial to your success online.   Wordtracker is a great resource to find keyword phrases surrounding your target market. You can try it out for FREE plus there is a very informative video tutorial for your VA to easily learn about keyword selection at the Wordtracker website.

3. Once your VA knows the keyword phrases for your target market they can then incorporate them into your website copy and code.   A few important areas to focus these keyword phrases:

  • Sprinkle your keyword phrases chosen for each page throughout your website copy keeping in mind that the final copy should have a smooth reading flow for the reader. Each and every page on your website should be optimized for 2-3 different keyword phrases to enjoy a wide variety of searches by your users in Google.
  • Write a keyword rich tag for each of your web pages that accurately describes the page within 64-85 characters.
  • Write descriptive keyword rich copy for your “DESCRIPTION” meta tag. The wording from this tag is often what Google uses to display as the description of your website in their search engine results pages.   Make this description enticing (call to action/click) so people will click on your link instead of your competitor below or above you.
  • Use keyword rich hyperlinks when linking your users away from your website. It’s been known that search engines take this into consideration when determining the ranking of a website.
  • Your headers (H1, H2, H3) can also include your keyword phrases.
  • Incorporate keyword phrases into any words you emphasize using bold or colored fonts or bullets. In the end, it’s all about the user’s experience so make reading your website copy enjoyable with every edit you do. Enticing to the eye but not overwhelming.

4. Get your VA working on a backlinking campaign for your business writing articles, press releases, blogging about you, etc.   Here’s a Backlink Popularity Tool to let you find out how many backlinks you currently have together with some ways your VA can get some for you.

5. Your VA can also monitor your website stats for you which is highly valuable to your online marketing plan as you will learn and understand your target market better.  They can find out what pages people are exiting on, what keywords people are searching for to find you and where your uses are coming from to name a few.

In the end you can have the most beautifully designed website online but unless you go that extra mile and let people know where it is, you’ll never convert sales from it.   Hire a Virtual Assistant to help you with some basic search engine marketing techniques to help you stand out from your competition and turn your website clicks into cash for you.

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