If you’ve run out of ideas about what to write for your next blog post or maybe you just want some new content to give away an ebook to entice some lead generation, PLR (Private Label Rights) content may be your answer. Virtual Assistants can use PLR for blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, and more.

Looking for Content? Try some PLR

What is PLR?

“Private Label Rights” is a publishing term letting you know that the content it applies to can not only be completely re-written by you (or your Virtual Assistant… or your ghostwriter…) but should be!

If you don’t like to write content then PLR is the perfect solution for you!

You can not only put your own name on it but you can alter it and re-purpose its material any way you choose! However, it will come with a license detailing any exceptions to this rule, so make sure you always read that license (preferably before purchase). PLR content can come in just about any media format like blog posts, articles, short reports, eBooks, email autoresponder series, videos, MP3 audio files, web page content, graphics and any other content imaginable.

We all know online that content is KING! Having new content on your Virtual Assistant website not only interests potential clients but the search engines love it too boosting websites with new content higher up in their results pages. But what if you don’t like to write or you just don’t have the time to write in your busy schedule? PLR (Private Label Rights) content may be your answer. You can use PLR for your blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, lead generation, giveaways and more. Join Tawnya as she shows you some money-making ideas using PLR that you can incorporate into your VA business today and start making money this very month.

Here’s a one-hour PLR training webinar I presented that you can watch right now called Using PLR to Turn Clicks into Cash for Your VA Business.

Here are my favorite sources which provide you with quality PLR content that I recommend and use myself:

No more excuses not to write!

It’s always wise to try out PLR before you buy if they have that option which most high-quality PLR companies offer. 

Try out these FREE Trials of PLR that I recommend:

Do you use PLR content and if so, what are you using it for?

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