For those of you working full-time while in the startup phase of your VA business, you can work full-time and manage clients.

With a solid plan in place, you can manage your clients the same as a full-time virtual assistant.

10 Ways to Work Full-Time While Managing Your Virtual Assistant Business Part-Time

1. When you consider the work you want to offer a potential client, project work is rated higher than ongoing tasks, if you’re working full-time. Projects usually have a time period to be completed, which can be finished after normal business hours.

2. When you offer services, only provide the services you can fulfill while working full-time. You can consider subcontracting services, you do not offer to other VAs, but always advise your client when you plan to subcontract out any work.

3. Obtain clients in a different time zone thann yours to accommodate your clients’ business hours. You can manage work for your clients by gaining an extra hour.

4. Create a schedule to maintain the workload to keep all your projects and tasks on time. Review the project prior to accepting the work to ensure you and the client have ample time to complete the project.

5. Communication is a key factor in any business. You can communicate with your clients during off times such as breaks, your lunch hour, or after working hours.

6. Always keep your clients’ projects or tasks with you at all times. When a client needs a project ahead of the scheduled due date, you will be able to deliver the finished project or task at any time of the day.

7. Determine the best time to contact your clients and the best method of communication prior to starting a project or task. This information will assist you when you have to discuss any details and you can reach your clients without losing any time.

8. Set up a daily routine to respond to or send emails. When you take the time to concentrate on the information your clients sent you or the scope of your initial email, you eliminate mistakes by not rushing yourself to respond or when sending information to clients.

9. When you receive phone calls during working hours at your current job, let your voice mail take the calls and schedule time to return any calls to your clients.

10. As a part-time virtual assistant, your time and your client’s time are valuable. By thoroughly checking your finished project or tasks for errors prior to sending the work to your client, you will save valuable time.

Contributed By member Dusty Warren

Please share your tips on how you manage to work full-time and part-time in your VA business.

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