By ‘outsourcing your higher learning’, I don’t mean you should delegate your university education or your college assignments. That wouldn’t be ethical. But how many times have you thought something like…

“I’m ready to put a shopping cart on my website, I should really learn how to do that.”

“I know I should be putting out a newsletter but I don’t know where to start.”

“As soon as I get a minute to figure out Facebook, I’ll put up a profile.”

“I’ll get my bookkeeping straightened out when I get around to learning how to use QuickBooks.

In all honesty, are you ever going to get around to learning how to do all those things while you’re working in your business? Maybe, but at what cost?

If you have a Virtual Assistant already, have you thought about asking them if they would learn how to do any of these things? Or have you thought about asking for referrals for other Virtual Assistants they network with who already know how to do the things you keep “meaning to get around to.”

If you’re actively searching for a Virtual Assistant, keep in mind that a lot of VAs would be very happy to learn a new skill for you. You don’t necessarily have to find one person who can do all 30 things you want to delegate. It’s kind of tough to find someone who can do everything. But I’ll bet you can find a person who can do 15 things, learn how to do a couple more, and help hook you up with someone great who can do the rest!

Stop putting all those important things off. Outsource learning a new skill. Hey, why not?!

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