I was thinking today about a conversation I had a year ago with a potential client. He said he was finally going to let go of the mindset that so many entrepeneurs have. That was, thinking that he wouldn’t be successful unless he did everything himself so his business remained his business.

We had a lot of discussion around that and before our chat, I hadn’t realized what a mental block that could be for many people who could really benefit from the services of a Virtual Assistant.

We all know who Sam Walton is and in case you don’t, he’s that guy who founded Wal-Mart. Do you think Wal-Mart would be a household name if Mr. Walton was managing stores, working as a cashier, stocking shelves and greeting people by himself?

Obviously that would never work. He has fleets of people who do the work it takes to keep the chain of stores running. Does that make him any less of a visionary business man? Is he any less successful because he has so many people working at all of his Wal-Marts?

Of course not.

If you choose to partner with a Virtual Assistant to unload your administrative burdens, you won’t be any less of an entrepreneur than if you were doing it all yourself. You’ll just have more time to dream up more business ideas or go to the movies once in awhile! Don’t be stubborn! Let go!!

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