Back in the day, when there was no such thing as the Internet as we know it; no Virtual Assistants, and nothing even remotely close to the advanced technologies that we can utilize to get things accomplished in a timely and efficient manner, there was one thing that worked then and is still working for us now.

That one thing is “personal attention” or customer service if you will.

This personal attention can, and does come from many sources, and of course one of those sources is working with a Virtual Assistant. Now keep in mind that when working with a VA, you can become as friendly as you want to, or keep it strictly business. Naturally this would be a mutual decision, but from my own experience I can tell you that when a VA and a client get to know each other a bit more on a personal level, that personal attention will eventually get stronger and better as time goes on.

Who does this benefit?

The truth is that both the Virtual Assistant and client will benefit. This is not to say that you have to invite your clients over for dinner, nor does the client need to know who your first born is. All I am saying is that after some time it is quite common for clients and VA’s to fit together so well that they actually become friends, just like a secretary working in an office setting became friendly with their boss or co-workers in the past, it really hasn’t changed much in this aspect.

So what does this all mean?

Very simply stated is that when someone knows you well enough, and trusts you they will continue to work with you, and/or will come back to you just as a consumer will go back to their favorite store, because of the personal attention that they are given.

Clients, customers, and really all of us want and crave this personal attention, so much so that we now have social media which really goes way back to the basics of any business, online or offline. None of us reinvented the wheel all we did was change the design a bit to fit our needs in this century, and guess what? It worked then and it surely works now! This is exactly why there is Facebook, Twitter, and the hundreds of other social venues upon us today.

People want to connect, get noticed, give and receive information, and socialize. However, since Virtual Assistants work one-on-one with clients in most cases already, they have a bit of an upper hand to begin with. Imagine that, working with someone one-on-one, taking care of a clients business needs as if a VA is sitting at a desk in a clients office, and giving them that personal attention that they need and deserve. In fact both the client and VA could be in different countries and that attention and customer service will still be there.

A marvelous thing.

So you decide…did we really reinvent the wheel or did we just create a fabulous new design? My theory:We redesigned, reconfigured, revamped and remodeled a brand new way of servicing individuals that need assistance with an added touch of personal attention, similar to putting brand new spokes on a wheel.

Always remember to drive safely into the new world of Virtual Assistance and you, the client, will reap the rewards.

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