It is amazing how many Companies put up a website on the Internet but don’t know if it is optimized for Search Engine crawlers.

If you Google your Company Name and it comes up at the top of the first page, you may think your site is optimized. But what if your prospective customer is looking for a product or service and they use search terms or “keywords and phrases” to find what they are looking for? Would your Company Name come up on that search? If your site is optimized properly, ir probably will but likely not on the first page.

Example: Your company is a Coaching business.   You have decided to “niche” your Coaching and target market to “family businesses”. Would your prospective clients type in your Company Name? No! They don’t know you exist. They are using search terms like “Small Business Advisor”, “Small Business Coach”, “Family Business Coach”. If those words/phrases are on your site and in your Header for your pages, Google crawlers have read them and your Company will appear in their listings. If your pages have only “Coaching”, the likelihood of your site coming up in the first 100 pages of a Google Search would be slim to nil as there are thousands of Coaches.

Creating a website for your business is a great way to advertise but if clients can’t find you, how effective will your site be?

Not only is the design and content of a website important, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is even more important. Whether you are creating and designing your own site or you have contracted a web designer to do it for you, make your SEO strategy an integral part of your site. Do a keyword search to find out what prospects are typing in to find your product or service. Make sure those specific words and phrases are on your site for Google to find them. Ask your web designer if they have done a keyword search and optimized your site.

If you are uncertain about how to do this or you find your site is not optimized correctly, ask your Virtual Assistant to provide this service to you.

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