The majority of companies, big and small, have discovered Social Media as a very successful way of marketing their businesses and have planned their strategies and implemented plans to take their place in this exploding and popular medium.

When large companies actually do television commercials where they mention their Facebook or Twitter accounts instead of pointing the public to their websites, it is evident that they have recognized the power of Social Media.

However, recently many Social Media sites, Facebook and Twitter in particular, have made some big plans and changes in the way we use them in order to enhance the services provided. Sometimes these changes are announced well in advance and sometimes they happen overnight. It can be a big headache for companies who haven’t expected or planned for the changes and dictates rethinking the way they do their marketing on Social Media sites.

TWITTER recently changed their interface and it is rolling out in phases. If you check your Twitter account and notice that suddenly the customized background you created or paid to have created is barely visible or distorted, you will notice that the old area for the postings and the long sidebar on the side have now expanded across the page and there is very little “real estate” in order for you to customize your background to display your brand and other pertinent information you want there to market your products or services.

FACEBOOK, amongst all the many changes they have made in 2010, are now giving notice that come end of December or beginning of January, no longer will they be allowing the familiar FBML application to create boxes on your site or to create Welcome Pages or Speciality Pages where you can announce events and new product launches and services.   All new pages will now have to be created in iFrames. Most people, including Social Media Experts, are unsure what iFrames really are and how to recreate those special pages within their Business Page. But understanding it or not, everyone will have to adapt to these changes.   Most changes are decided upon to enhance the user’s experience with Social Media sites and don’t forget, the accounts are almost all free advertising for your business.

Whether you have created your own Twitter background and/or the individual pages for your Facebook Business Page, you are looking at having them redesigned and rethought in the immediate future. If, like a lot of us, the changes are a bit beyond your technical capability, why not consult a Social Media Marketing VA who can help you take full advantage of the changes and make them work for you and your business.

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