Can you believe that Twitter has only been in existence since March 2006? It’s still a big anomaly to some entrepreneurs which is why Social Media Virtual Assistants are in big demand. Many VA clients are looking to their VA’s for insight on how to streamline their Twitter activities. When asked which Twitter system I recommend, I always reply “why Hootsuite” of course.


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Hootsuite

1. A Web Based Application
How many people do you know work on just one computer? Hootsuite is a web based tool which means no downloading required. Access your twitter account from any computer and download the application for your Iphone… what could be simpler.

2. Personalize Your View with Tabs

Add numerous tabs to view your @ mentions, your direct messages, your pending tweets, sent message and more. These multiple columns will allow you to monitor your conversations all at once.

3. Connect to Multiple Sites

Double up your social media activities and stream your tweets to your Facebook page, Facebook profile, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare and more. Social media doesn’t have to take up a lot of time.

4. Keyword Tracking

Interested in following the conversation based on relevant keywords, you can do this as well with Hootsuite. Just add your keywords to a new column and monitor what others are saying.

5. Schedule a Tweet

Much of social media is about back and forth interaction but there can be an argument for “pre-scheduled tweets.” For example, I follow a specialty wine store who offer “tweet deals” (discounts) on bottle of wines. The first 50 people who tweet back, at at specific time, receive the price at a great discount. Now, I’m not always at my computer when the tweet deals happen so I set up a prescheduled tweet at the scheduled time and “shazam” , I get the deal. You can also scheduled tweets about upcoming events, blog posts, book launches etc.


Now that you can see the benefit of using Hootsuite ask your VA to set up, customize and train you on how to use your account successfully.

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