take-6I was listening to my favourite radio station the other day and decided to check out their webiste contests they had going on this month. One of them was to WIN 2 tickets to “Take 6”, heralded by Quincy Jones as the baddest vocal cats on the planet!

All I had to do was LIKE their Facebook page, easy enough! I quickly liked it and never thought any more about it.

You can imagine my surprise when I got a call from the radio station on Friday saying I’d won front stage tickets for 2 to this vocal group Saturday night. YEAH! For those who don’t know who Take 6 is (I didn’t before I won the tickets either so don’t feel bad) they are the most awarded vocal group in history (10 Grammy Awards, 10 Dove Awards, a Soul Train Award, and more). They are six virtuosic voices united in crystal clear harmony, against a backdrop of syncopated rhythms, innovative arrangements, and funky gooves that bubble into an intoixicating brew of gospel, jazz, R&B, and pop.

I posted a quick video of two of them competing in a sing off on my Facebook page that I recorded while at the concert. Absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard singing voices like theirs before in my life and I’ve been around for a long time 😉 If you aren’t friends with me yet, please friend me to watch the video (send me a quick private message saying you read my newsletter and would like to become friends just so I know you aren’t some stalker LOL).

My whole point of this story is how amazing social networking is and how vast your exposure can be if you use it wisely. I never would have heard of this vocal group had I not liked their Facebook page and entered their contest. Now they are the ones reaping from my LIKE because I’m now spending my money buying their music on iTunes which I wasn’t doing the day before. 😉

Oh here’s another cool marketing stunt Take 6 did during their show last night. Remember when we used to go to concerts and hold up our lighters to light up the auditorium while the band sung by candle light? 😉 Well now that we are all healthy and don’t smoke anymore so don’t carry lighters, Take 6 had us all turn on our cell phones and shine the light toward the stage which was similar and kind of cool. Saying that before we shone it forward they asked us to first find their Facebook page and LIKE it. They also told us how to find them on Twitter so we could tweet out that we are at their concert tonight. GREAT MARKETING on their part! 😉

Let me ask you, how often do you ACTUALLY ASK people to LIKE your Facebook page, join your Facebook group or just become your friend on Facebook?

Sometimes in order for us to further our networking we need to SIMPLY reach out and just ask others to join us.

Here goes…I’d love you to come hangout with me on Facebook.

Here’s my Facebook profile, page and some groups I run that you may not be aware of. I hope to connect with you on Facebook!facebook-Virtual-Assistant

VAnetworking’s Facebook Page – With over 10,000 Likes so far we hope to reach 10K very soon so please LIKE US!

My Personal Facebook Profile (please shoot me a private message saying I invited you to friend me through my newsletter so I don’t think you are some stalker).

Facebook Groups I Run and Manage:

Virtual Assistant Social Network – A group to SOCIALIZE, LEARN, SHARE and ENGAGE with other Virtual Assistants. A place to hang out and get to know each other on both a business and personal level. Got a question about anything to do with your VA business and we will find the answer for you!

Virtual Assistant Fitness – We started this group to promote fitness in our industry. We plan to talk about weight loss options; diet, supplements and exercise
options. We’ll discuss office furniture and different strategies to stay fit and get and/or keep the weight off while staying healthy.

Faith Internet Marketing – This is a group for online Christian business entrepreneurs to faithfully network together and support each other marketing their business online. Let’s learn, connect and share with each other anything to do with Internet Marketing.

Ageless At Last – There certainly are ways to age gracefully, and the choice is NOW ours…
This group is a place to share each other’s secrets and tips to feeling young forever. Be it physical, spiritual or mental please share with us what makes you stay ageless at last.

Tawnya is Our Name – If your name is “Tawnya” please join our elite group and engage with other Tawnya(s) throughout the world. Let’s see how many of us are out there…we are not alone 😉 (If your name is Tania, Tonia, Tonja, Tanya, etc. then this group is not necessarily for you).

See you on Facebook 😉

To Your Virtual $uccess,

Tawnya Sutherland, CIMBS
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