Have you ever launched a product on the internet? Actually launching the product is the easy part, its the build up before the launch that takes time and energy. You could do it all yourself or have your Virtual Assistant be an integral part in the process from pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

Sales Page:

  • write text for sales page – if your VA is a great copywriter, have them work with you to write up the sales page content
  • format and upload the sales page to your server
  • add product image
  • add shopping cart link

Pre-Launch Set Up:

  • set up the product in the shopping cart and include all relevant state or provincial taxes
  • add the product images to the cart and to the headers in the checkout pages
  • set up coupons in shopping cart for discounts for preferred members, clients or joint venture partners

Launching Product:

  • draft broadcast that announces product
  • manage support email account if customers issues arise

Social Media Support:

  • format blog post about product launch and upload to blog
  • makes sure blog post feeds into Facebook page, Twitter and Linked in accounts
  • add product banner to Facebook page and blog

Affiliate Marketing:

  • connect with core affiliates to “get the buzz rolling”
  • add new product banners to affiliate area
  • format affiliate broadcasts – help write pre-written Tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts
  • broadcast affiliate email
  • interact with affiliates to answer questions

Follow Up Marketing

  • format follow up broadcasts
  • schedule tweets for Twitter
  • help set up an information webinar

Now you could do this all yourself, but why would you?

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