Believe it or not one of the most important factors to think about while hiring a Virtual Assistant or working with clients is comprised of one word only, that word is trust. Without it, you might as well call it a day and close your computers. Let me explain in greater detail. Does your client trust you, and do you trust your client? Yes, it works both ways. Okay, how?

When hiring a Virtual Assistant a client really does not know anything more about this new person that is about to help them other than what has been emailed between them, or perhaps a quick chat on the phone to confirm details etc. Does a client really know who they are dealing with? Probably not, but that also does not mean that a VA is lying either. It may be wise on the client’s part to check references on a VA first, before actually hiring him or her. By the same token a VA really does not know if a new client is on the level. For example, will the client pay the VA what they are worth, on time, and in accordance with a VA’s policy or terms? Yes, it can be a shot in the dark sometimes, but more often than not if a VA and a client are trustworthy it usually works out, but it doesn’t hurt to take a few extra measures to be on the safe side.

But what about more important things like information; such as, trade secrets, user names and passwords of any kind, and/or confidential matters? There is a solution for that as well. Service agreements/contracts and confidentiality agreements are both beautiful things! This is exactly what they are meant for. However, this does not mean that a client will actually adhere to what these agreements state, the same for a Virtual Assistant. So how does one actually make someone else trust them?   A hard question to answer, but I have found that developing a relationship with a new client works wonders for both the VA and the client. In other words, be a tad less formal. Discuss things outside of work if that is possible. Call each other by first name only.   Does this solve every problem: absolutely not, but at least it is a beginning to what could very well be a long and mutually beneficial working relationship. Remember that praising your VA for a job well done, or just caring about the others “needs” is a wonderful start. Just like regular employees in an office setting people like to hear that they’ve done well. This spurs a lot more interest in a particular job being handled on the VA’s part, and gets the job done. Caring in general is an act of kindness. Be kind to each other. It does work.

In conclusion to this article, I will give you an example of one of my own experiences. I had a job that had to be done, but when starting this job I began to realize that it was way over my head in certain areas. I could have outsourced this particular job easily, but I did not. Instead I told my client the truth. What did this do? The client was so pleased that I was completely honest about the situation that I ended up doing other work for him/her instead. The client could have asked for a refund, but they were so genuinely impressed by my honesty that they kept me on for other work needed. As they say:Honesty is the best policy!

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