It’s that time of year again when people should think about what they can do for their businesses in order to succeed.   This could mean making a few changes; such as, looking over budgets, adding new products or services, and lowering costs or overhead!

Naturally one of the ways in which to do most of the above is by hiring a Virtual Assistant, but not only to do this work for you and/or with you, but also because of the sheer fact that hiring a VA will lower a businesses cost/overhead.   A two for one deal!

Before the economic crisis hit, individuals and businesses alike were able, for the most part, to spend money on things they probably did not even need.   Unfortunately because of that spending phase, these businesses, or many of them at least, did not survive the economic climate simply because they were not prepared for it.   What I mean by prepared is really a very practical tip that can and should be followed: Run your businesses as if there is always an economic crisis upon us.   Sounds rather dramatic, but in reality it is very logical.   Think about the spending factor and what you need and do not need.


  • Do you really need a team of five to do different jobs when you can hire a VA to do all of them?
  • Do you really need a full-time receptionist when you can hire a VA to answer calls and schedule appointments for you?
  • Do you really need a full-time Webmaster who ONLY maintains your Website, and will take forever to get back to you, AND who is paid whether they edit your site or not?

Can you imagine hiring a VA to do all of the above, with no slack time, no sick days, no vacation pay, and that only gets paid either per job, per month or however it is mutually beneficial?   Have you any idea at how much money, time and effort can be saved?

Kicking down your costs and overhead WILL kick up your businesses in various ways!   The monies paid out to extra employees and the like can be put into the things that you think your business really needs, and will STILL be lower than what you are paying out now! Monies not paid out remains in your pockets.  Think about it, it all makes sense!

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