Sweaty palms, a gnawing nagging feeling deep in the pit of your gut that keeps eating at you, and that ‘something doesn’t feel right’ feeling are happening. It’s okay that you can’t put your finger on exactly why the alarm bells are sounding. The fact that they are sounding is enough. Your Spidey Sense has been activated – you have a strong sense that something is wrong, dangerous, or suspicious, all rooted in intuition; a security situation as Peter Parker would explain it.

Bet you hadn’t realized that you, too, have super powers as strong as the Marvel comics heroes of our youth.

It’s essential to learn to follow your instincts and trust your gut especially when you’re in business for yourself. The majority of the time you won’t be sorry and you’ll reap very prosperous and satisfying results.

It can be confusing and frustrating when these messages without any logical reasoning seep into the crevices of your thoughts. Allow yourself some time to mull over the scenario – let it brew and come to a froth. Ask yourself the hard, pointed questions about what’s really behind this. Then, weigh your choices.

Rarely in business does an immediate life or death decision need to be made. Lightning won’t strike if you take a few days.

Not all business that comes knocking on your door is welcomed or the kind that you’re seeking. Some of the biggest headaches come wrapped in smooth talk, eloquent emails, and pretty websites. The packaging and presentation is eye-catching but does it really tell you the whole story and give a true picture of what it represents?

I’m not saying that there is intentional deception, only a mismatch of working styles. Shortly after the honeymoon period, you may notice that communication styles, varying expectations, and a lack of connectiveness show up. Those things that triggered your Spidey Sense were always there under the surface but were pushed down and drowned by the excitement of the project, the idea of new business, or 101 other possible reasons. Maybe a few more questions during the interview would have skimmed the next layer off with a clearer reflection; maybe not.

Our gut tells us what we really want, when we want it, and how we need it. We just need to listen . . . and obey. No one (I’ll say that again, no one) knows you and your business better than YOU. Instinctively you already know what to do or what the decision should be. It’s about moving in a comfortable direction and affirmation. Follow through and trust yourself. Soon the Spidey Sense will cease and your day will go bouncing along.

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