If you haven’t heard already from the other cats on the block, I’m hosting Season 22 of my Virtual Assistant Virtuosos Summit next Monday, Oct 24th. WOW! I can’t believe I’ve hosted #VAVS over twenty times now but here we are!

AND did I mention it’s FREE to attend???  GRAB YOUR FREE TICKET HERE

There is no excuse anymore saying you can’t find any clients!!!

Because I have such an amazing array of speakers lined up to teach you how to FIND and RETAIN clients in your service-based business.

Virtual Assistant Summit

Check out what I’ve got in store for you at #VAVS:

Day 1 – Monday, October 24th

  • The Sparkling Career of a Virtual Assistant – Tawnya Sutherland
  • 7 Best Practices for Communicating with VA Clients – Laura Briggs
  • The Virtual Assistant’s Guide to a Full Client Roster in 13 Weeks or Less! – Gina Horkey
  • Five Steps to Building a Specialist Service in your VA Business – Craig Cannings

Day 2 – Tuesday, October 25th

  • The Secret to Getting Paying Clients Through LinkedIn – Andréa Jones
  • Keys to Your Long-term Survival in the VA Business – Melanie Campbell
  • How to Make Money Online Hosting Zoom Meetings – Monique Johnson
  • Rates, Retainers, and Packages! – Jeannine Grich

Day 3 – Wednesday, October 26th

  • Send Emails to Get Booked & Get Backup Income – Angela Wills
  • Being Proactive in Your Service Based Business – Trish Kimble
  • How to Maximize your LinkedIn Activities to Increase Client Attraction – Mary Wu
  • 3 Crucial Conversations You Must Have to Keep Your Clients Forever – Paula Allen

Day 4 – Thursday, October 27th

  • The 6 Grand Principles of Networking – Susan Jarema & Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt
  • How to Land Clients as an Asker or a Guesser – Cathy Baillargeon
  • Being Proactive in Your Business: How to Keep the Client Pipeline Full – Amy Figueroa
  • Raise Your Fees Without Losing Clients – Jan Wallen

Day 5 – Friday, October 28th

  • Add Online Business Management to Your Service Offerings – Sarah Noked
  • Your Path To 6 Figures In The Next 12 Months – Kathy Goughenour
  • Become an In-Demand VA Your Clients Rave About! – Tracey D’Aviero
  • Keeping Clients Coming Back – Lyn Prowse-Bishop

It’s FREE to join us LIVE for all the speaker sessions in our Zoom webinar room at the designated times (October 24-28th daily from 9am to 4pm PDT). 

Every day you’ll get to attend LIVE 4 webinars to learn from our amazing speakers for a total of 20 topics in just 5 days. It definitely packs a ton of learning into 5 days.

Saying that it’s definitely a full day chocked full of learning and networking!

So make sure you get your notebook ready because you’ll be gathering TONS of notes, resources, and explosive pieces of advice from each speaker that you’ll want to implement in your business as soon as the Summit is over. With 20 speakers you’ll be scrambling with information overload trying to remember everything shared with you over the course of 5 days so I want you prepared to take tons of notes.

You may be thinking, “HEY, that’s a ton of training to consume in just 5 days!”

“What if I can’t make it to watch all 20 webinars LIVE?”

DON’T WORRY! I got your back as I know how life gets in the way, especially when you’re working from home or have different time zones to contend with.

SO, if you want to guarantee that you’ll see every speaker plus not get carpal tunnel taking so many notes LOL, simply…


Don’t get me wrong…FREE is awesome…but a VIP Ticket gives you access to not only attend all the LIVE events each day but also GET:

  1. 20 Video Recordings to each webinar to watch on your own timeline whenever you want for a full year.
  2. Printable Speaker notes to save your hand from cramping up taking notes.
  3. Group Coaching Call with Tawnya Sutherland after the Summit to help you implement what you learn.
  4. Tickets for $6000+ in PRIZE DRAWS! But grab that VIP ticket quickly as the draws happen throughout the month of October. The sooner you GO VIP the more chances to WIN!
  5. AND BEST OF ALL our $2,500+ SWAG BAG is filled with premium courses and tools to help you grow your service-based business!

YES I want to go VIP!!!

NEED A PUSH my VIP Superstar? Check out what’s in the SWAG BAG ($2,500+ in training) that you can access right now while you wait for the Summit to start:

  • ($497) Teach Online from Your Own WordPress Website: A LifterLMS Guide from Gina Decker
  • ($450) Email for a Living from Angela Wills
  • ($297) Social Media Management Success Course from Craig Cannings
  • ($295) The Graphics Creation Workshop from Christina Hills
  • ($200) Client Contract Template for Independent Contractors from Gina Horkey
  • ($197) How to Rock Your Client’s “Call for Speakers” Application Every Time! From Jackie Lapin
  • ($147) Sally VA Brand Templates Bundle from Amber Louise
  • ($147) Proactive Webinars Training Program from Danielle Beauchemin
  • ($120) Geek in Your Pocket Website Protection Plan from Renee Shupe
  • ($99) The Freelancing Freedom Plan from Cindy Bidar
  • ($97) Skyrocket Your Business Growth Through Social Media Networking Masterclass from Lynn Neville
  • ($47) VA Niche Quiz: Discover Your Ideal Niche from Kathy Goughenour
  • ($47) Freelance Starter Pack for Designers, Copywriters & SOP Creators from Mark Hunter
  • ($37) Get More Clients using Referrals and Testimonials Growth & Profit Plan from Lisa Wells
  • ($17) Social Media Planner Video Tutorial from Melissa Irvin
  • ($11) Virtual Cathy Academy Biz Booster Pack from Cathy Baillargeon

PHEW, some nice SWAG so far huh? Who wouldn’t want access to all this training!


(You’ll be glad you did!)

No thanks, I just want a Free Ticket.

See you at the best Virtual Assistant Summit!

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