Credibility to me means “trustworthiness”.

Trustworthiness = More Sales Online!

If I trust someone and believe in them as a person/company online, then they can tell me they are an expert at whatever they want and I’ll believe them. 😉 AND, I buy from websites/people I trust in the end. Purchasing online for me all boils down to one thing > Trust = Buy.

There are many ways your Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you gain credibility online and here are just a few you can get them to do over the next month to help increase the money at month-end in your bank account.

1.Make sure you have full contact information on your website and it is easy to find. And a post-office box just won’t do for met at least to increase my trust in a website.  I want a real address with a phone number to contact them at.

Why? Because if they don’t deliver the product I ordered then I can physically get out of my slippers, put on my steel toed heels and go knock on their door to get it from them.  (Not that I would but I do have that option). A website without contact information doesn’t put me at ease.

2. Get your Virtual Assistant to set you up an email address at your domain name if you haven’t gotten one already., email addresses just don’t instill credibility. (Anyone remember before yahoo it was Do I need to say anymore?  I know everyone is joining the CLOUD and using Gmail for everything nowadays but personally, I still like seeing an email from a company with their name on it like, call me old fashioned but it somewhere makes me trust that this is a real company I’m buying from.  And don’t forget our equation above: TRUST = BUY!

3. If you are selling a product online make sure you and your VA are fully living it themselves and also backing it up with fantastic tweets, raving facebook pages and recommending by word of mouth.

Example) If I am looking for Internet marketing services and the company’s website isn’t ranking high in the search engines themselves then that tells me they probably won’t get my site very high in the search engines either.

4. Make sure your Virtual Assistant keeps your blog updated. If your last blog post was dated May 10, 2009 then its highly likely that the ebook I’m thinking of buying from you is out of date too or so it would make me think.

5. Make sure your Virtual Assistant is on top of all the social networks you belong to. People who never respond back to my tweets/facebook comments just irks me. Hey, if you can’t take a minute to answer my product question or even acknowledge my existence, maybe I just won’t buy your product then. Tit 4 Tat 😉

6. Have your Virtual Assistant do a Google Search of your company name. And if it shows up with SPAM/BBB complaints on the first page, get her to start dealing with them and get rid of them.

People typically only buy online from companies they trust and feel are credible.

Have your Virtual Assistant go through your website and see if it complies with all of the above points this month and fixing any issues they’ve found.  You’ll find that the next month you’ll see more sales in your email box, guaranteed!

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