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Video is shared and engaged with more often than text, which is why you ABSOLUTELY NEED to include video in your marketing efforts in the New Year. And I’ve come up with 10 different ways you can use video to help you market your business online which I’ll share with you here in a few moments.

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There are numerous ways that you can use video in your marketing…

1. Introduce Yourself – Make a short video introduction about yourself, including why you are part of the niche that you are. People want to know if you’re the right person to trust, and seeing your face and hearing your reasons why will help them.

2. Three Things Video – Videos are best, most of the time, when they are short. If you can think of three short points about a particular topic and talk about them and go over them in a short video, your audience will appreciate it.

3. Create Short How To’s – This works well in some niches, where you can complete a short project, or speed up a longer project to make the video short. Your audience will love seeing how to do something so they can do it themselves, but they’ll also see you as more of an expert than before. So if you want to offer services doing that thing you demonstrated, you can.

4. Highlight an Event – Did you host or go to an event? If so, record some of it, then piece it together or make several videos from one event to make a lot of short videos. Your viewers will love following you to events that you go to.

5. Tease about a New Project – If you have a launch coming up, using a video to tease your audience about it will wet their appetite for more. Make a short video leaving it with a question that makes them think of the problem that they have that you might solve.

6. Make a Book Trailer – If you’ve written an eBook, produce a one minute video to create a book trailer that lets your audience know what is in the book. This can go on YouTube, your website, sales pages, and more.

7. A Day in the Life – Your fans are often curious about what you do every day. Show them. Take the camera with you and record tidbits of your day, then edit them together into one cohesive short video. Your audience will feel closer to you, and start developing more trust in you over time. And we all know that TRUST = BUY 😉

8. Create HOW-TO Videos – Show your peeps how to do a task on their computer, use a new software program or give them a walk through of your member area by recording your actual computer desktop actions. You can sell these tutorials or give them away for free to build their loyalty with you.

9. Video Testimonials – Ask your customers to submit video testimonials that you can use on your site, sales pages, YouTube and other places. The video testimonials will help potential clients trust you more when they see that your customers are real.

10. Record Google Hangouts/Blab/Periscope – You can record a Google Hangout, Blab or Periscope video and then add it to your membership website, or break it down into shorter, pointed parts of the discussion. Q & A’s work very well for this type of video.

Don’t worry – your videos don’t have to be perfect!

You can use something as simple as an inexpensive webcam or your iPhone; it doesn’t have to be professional to make a huge impact. However, if you do want to punch up your videos a notch, you can use software like Camtasia to edit it and make it super-special.

With 78% of people watching videos online every week and 55% watching videos online every day (Hubspot Statistics for more stats) you’ll definitely want to jump onto the video online phenomenon in 2016.

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