When you decide to work with a virtual assistant and you find the perfect one for you, a whole new world will be opened up for you.

All of a sudden, those things you’ve never been able to get around to will start getting done. You’ll think up more and more things that have been sliding in your business that you can delegate to your handy new assistant! But one of the cool things about working with a VA that clients of VAs often forget about is that their VA can take care of personal to-do items as well.

If you’re dreaming of a golf getaway while trying to focus on work, send your VA an email and ask her to look into golf vacation packages for you.

Need to find the perfect birthday gift for your spouse/parent/child but can’t find time to do it? Send a list of likes and dislikes to your VA and have her come back with a few cool options. (When you decide on the item, she can take care of ordering it and arranging for delivery too.)

If you love watching ebay auctions for certain items you enjoy collecting   but it interferes with your work, either pass that work on to your VA, or have her watch the auctions for you.

Trying to plan a move? Let your VA organize your moving to-do lists, gather quotes from moving companies, set up your mail forwarding, etc. Why should you do it all when you have someone who can help?

Really, you can outsource almost anything to your virtual assistant, whether it’s something that’s not getting done in your business, or personal life. So what are you waiting for??

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