I wanted to share a quick tip with you today to help you land that next client…

I have virtual assistants coming to me all the time, tired and frustrated because they just can’t seem to land that prospective client they’ve put the time into courting.

How to Land Your Next Client

The first thing I do is get them to go through all their onboarding processes with me for a new client so I can decipher where their trouble lies and figure out a game plan for them.

Most times this is what their client landing process looks like but varies here and there too:

  1. Courting the prospective client and forming a relationship
  2. Booking a Discovery Call with the prospect
  3. Setting them up on their onboarding system (may use Dubsado or Honeybook or neither as each business processes are unique).
  4. Sending the prospective client their contract to sign to start work.
  5. Waiting…waiting…waiting…to get a signed contract back
  6. Following up … waiting… followup, waiting…yada yada
  7. Hems and haws emailing back and forth about the contract
  8. Never getting the contract signed.
  9. Never getting any $$$.
  10. Never landing that client!

It’s the same story I hear over and over again.

Give this strategy a try — It flat-out works.

If you’d like to land the client, get their $$$ first! Simple. Yes you heard me correctly, it’s all about the money!

While on that Discovery Call with your prospect or during your follow-up emails, give them a call to action to pay for your monthly retainer or package right on the spot. Give them a link to your payment page on your website.

And hey, it doesn’t hurt to add urgency here either to get them to buy now. Like, let them know you only have 2 packages left or just one monthly retainer opening for the next month, etc.

TIP: Get your money first before you have them sign the contract. Why? Because people always get cold feet having to sign any legal contract so they back off. We all do it, it’s human nature.

But when a person has already put their money on the table, they are ready to play. Now that you have their money you simply just tell them you can start working with them once they sign and return your contract to you. Done, client landed, contract signed, money in the hole, time to go buy that new pair of shoes you wanted. 😉

If you want more clarification about what exactly I’m talking about, just ask me during my upcoming Virtual Assistant VAvirtuosos Summit.

I’ll be happy to explain further. Register here for free.

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