I’m willing to bet you did at least one thing today that you either rolled your eyes over or had to take a deep breath to get through. Could have been faxing an email, organizing your receipts, typing up a letter or coming up with content for a newsletter. Maybe you’re the type that hates returning phone calls or updating your blog.

How many administrative tasks did you do today that could have been outsourced to a Virtual Assistant? Or more importantly, how many administrative tasks did you not do today that could have been outsourced to a Virtual Assistant?! 😉

For argument’s sake, let’s say you charge $100/hour in your service-based business. Your time is best spent serving customers and second to that, finding new ones. Is your valuable time being spent wisely when you’re acting as your own admin assistant? Are those tasks you despise being done well and in a timely fashion?

If you spend just one hour each workday on administrative “stuff”, that equals out to a whopping 6 work weeks over the course of a year and roughly $24,000 worth of your time if you charge $100/hour.

You owe it to yourself and your business to stop wasting your precious time and energy doing things that you can easily delegate to an administrative professional. A Virtual Assistant can take care of your administrative needs and guess what? We love doing them so they’ll be handled with love.

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