Growing up, I could eat or drink whatever I wanted and never gain a pound. The word exercise was not in my dictionary as I was naturally super thin. So scrawny thin that…

  • relatives would make remarks to my parents to get me to a doctor.
  • my doctor had my mom sneak raw eggs into my milkshakes to help me gain weight.
  • friends had no sympathy for my cries to find jeans that would fit me (size 0 was way too big).
  • I left the maternity ward after having my first child weighing a measly 105 lbs.

I loved being skinny, who wouldn’t?

Then menopause struck!  (I also quit smoking around then too but that’s another story).

AND I gained 45 extra pounds over the next couple of years.

I needed to start an exercise regime but had no inspiration.

Which got me thinking hey my husband has participated in over 30 marathons not to mention done the Ironman 3 times! If he could do all that, at the very least, I could walk daily on my unused treadmill.

So to inspire me to not give up on my daily mission to walk, I laced the walls around my treadmill with his marathon posters, medals, and his prized framed Ironman pics.

Now when I’m thinking I can’t walk another 5 minutes up this incline because it’s killing me, I have his marathon memorabilia in my face cheering me on to finish my daily walk.


I’ve been walking daily now for almost three weeks!

I’ve already lost 3 pounds and if I keep this up I’ll be back down to my skinny ole’ self in no time at all.

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That’s all we need to be successful in business too, some inspiration. Cause running a business isn’t always as easy as eating salt and vinegar chips. 😉

As an entrepreneur, you know full well how the daily grind and responsibility of operating your business, can create pressure that requires you to carry the full weight of it squarely on your shoulders.

Oftentimes when this occurs, all of us can use a little inspiration that can pick us up as well as refocus us at times like these.

What inspires you to work on your business? I’d love to know, do you…

  • want to pay off your mortgage in 202X?
  • love working from home with your kids in your sightline?
  • like to contribute financially to the household?
  • enjoy the freedom to work whenever you want?
  • love traveling so work hard so you can play hard?

What is it that inspires you to work on your business?

I’d love to know so tell me in one sentence below what your inspiration is to work on your business.

And if you don’t know what inspires you, maybe you should give that some thought this week cause Inspiration = Success. 😉

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