“Can you send me a resume?”

Even though people ask this question to VAs all the time, as a general group, we don’t like it.

I think it’s because it means we’re being thought of as employees. Remember, administrative assistants don’t get paid very well and often have to take a lot of orders and abuse from bosses. When we leave that world to start our own businesses we want to leave that world far far away! Being asked for a resume is something that happens when you apply for a job, not when someone approaches you looking to hire a contractor.

I know it’s only a word and you’re just learning how this process works, but you can ruffle a lot of virtual feathers by asking for a resume or trying to get someone to fill out an application.

When you hire a plumber do you ask to see a resume? No. You might ask for a couple of references but never a resume. You just want to know that they’ll do the job well – that’s what matters.

A lot of this is simply educating the public, which is what the goal of this blog is. We want to get rid of the mindset that a Virtual Assistant is going to be your own remote employee. That’s not the case.

Instead of asking for a resume, check out the ‘ABOUT’ information on a VA’s website, ask to see samples of work and some testimonials. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a couple of references, but if you ask to see a resume, you can be certain that your innocent question was not well received!

As with everything else these days, simply do a Google search for the name of the VA you have in mind. That will tell you a lot.

I would love to see a comment or two here from someone wishing to work with a Virtual Assistant so we can hear the other perspective!

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